Life Insurance

One of the most important factors of Investment Planning is insurance. Insurance provides security to family against loss of life by main earning member of the family. You need to take proper advice for insurance cover required by you to protect your family's life goals, to cover liabilities such as Home Loan, Business Loan etc.

Many people are of the opinion that when I am earning well, creating wealth for my family why should I spend for insurance? Here one thing is important i.e. "I" who is doing all these things for the well being of the family, if that "I" is no more what will happen to family's life goals?

Medical Treatment Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but everyone needs medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs and loss of created wealth.


Health Insurance a dilemma


We come across number of articles and videos telling us the importance of having sufficient life insurance and health insurance and starting investing very early in life to create good wealth for future. Like these, there are many other things which build your financial life brick by brick.  But often investors avoid taking those decisions. The biggest reason why it happens is that we are not serious investors who focus on NOW rather than FUTURE.  Since we do not foresee any trouble right now at this moment, we keep on postponing it, ignoring the possible threat in long future. 

Let us talk about Health Insurance, one of the important steps in financial life.

We should see health insurance as a financial product which helps us to protect wealth. Buying health insurance is all about transferring the risk of paying the hospital bills to someone else. Health insurance does not protect your health. It can’t.

Those investors who do not take health insurance always plead that:

  • What if I never get hospitalized?
  • What if I drive carefully and never get into an accident?
  • I exercise and eat healthy, why do I need any health insurance?
  • My company provides health insurance, why do I need additional health insurance
  • I will waste my premium if I don’t get hospitalized for next 30 yrs


Sorry, but you need to focus on WHAT IF IT HAPPENS, rather than what if it does not happen. If you do not buy health insurance, you are taking the responsibility to pay the entire hospital bill out of your wealth. Every time it happens, you carry the risk of getting your wealth eroded by medical issues. Sometimes, you may have to raise loan for meeting the heavy medical expenses.

It is time to choose a health insurance product which gives you and family members a protection cover of adequate amount every year.



Home Insurance

The basic idea behind any insurance is to protect you from financial losses. Home insurance protects from Fire, Theft, Flood, Earthquake, Tornado etc.

Travel Insurance

International Travel insurance covers medical and financial emergency. Which gives benefits for Extended Hotel stay due to natural calamities, acts of terrorism, medical emergency. Reimbursement of non-refundable portion of prepaid payments due to medical problem, acts of terrorism or natural disaster. Payment of travelling and lodging and boarding for a family member or relative in case of hospitalization. Evacuation of country due to political or catastrophe.

Religare Health Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Health Insurance for Senior Citizen with chronic conditions