Investments Planning

Any goal one wish to achieve needs planning. It can be as small as reaching office in time. Just ask yourself why you want to reach office in time? There could be different answers depending upon the role you play in your organization or profession. Responsibilities you share and accountability with respect to your job profile. But, the answers are associated with earnings depending upon role you play in your organization or profession.


When the earnings are so important, are we really serious about saving and investing the money we earn? Do we have defined plans for these earnings? If you ask people around you why you invest? Some people may answer that for emergency which may arise in future, some may say for saving income tax, some may say surplus which remains after spending instead of keeping in savings account I invest. This means you will find very few people who have given serious thought to investments and have properly designed investment planning.

Mostly investment starts with tax saving investments, there is nothing wrong in it but investing properly with well-designed and well executed plan is more important.