Greetings from Disha Finance and investments Pvt Ltd! 

It gives us an immense pleasure to introduce Disha’s entry in Loan vertical. Now we will be able to assist you in getting Loan products under the same banner.  Till date Disha was serving you to reach out to your financial goals but now we can also help you in completing few of them. Buying a dream home, starting your own venture or loan against property, just give a call and we will help you with our hassle free loan process.

 We always talk about the loan process and know the complexity of getting easy approvals. Time taking process of application, documentation, verification, follow-up at single institute is few of them. After approval many hidden charges are introduced by the banks and Rate of interest may also vary as per your documentation.  To overcome all these stumbling block and make it a stream lined process we recommend one shot profiling and get exposure upto 8 different banks and institutes. Through this not only we will increase the chances of getting an approval of your loan but also to compare rate of interest to give you best deal.



Home Loan

Mortgage Loan

Business Loan

SME loan

 We have always promoted one roof for all your investment need; on the same line we will be providing you a good basket of loan products too. Now we are ready to assist you in four major loan products with same energy and comfort we share in investment product.

Do you have a running loan?

Don’t worry! You still have a chance to compare your current rate of interest and transfer your loan to get more discounted interest rate. Reason to take this initiative is nothing but your support and request received over a decade. Relationship we both have developed over 23 years is an important factor for us to think beyond the boundaries.

Current scenario in loan processing:

Value addition with Disha:

2-3 month long documentation in one institution.

One time profiling and documentation.

Application status after 2 to 3 months

Prompt revert on Application status

Hidden charges once the application status is clear

No hidden charges

Long follow ups with bank officials

No Follow up our team will assist you till disbarment.

Exposure to one institute at a time

Exposure to many institute at a time

Lack of client centric process

Client centric process

 Do let us know in case of any requirement in the above product line. We will be happy to help you.

 Being a witness of your hassle free loan approval is our actual reward.



Disha Finance & Investment Pvt Ltd

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Check your documents before signing loan agreement 

                                Please read all terms and conditions before signing the loan agreement. Understand

                                the fine prints of the contract before entering in to contract. 

 Whenever you are in need of the loan first find out all substitutes for the kind of loan you are taking.

                                Compare the interest you need to pay for each type of loan.

Do not get overburdened

                                Even though you are eligible for higher loan do not borrow higher amount which will

                                take away  bigger portion of monthly income as an EMI, since you need to save

                                and invest to fulfill other goals of your life such as Child Education, Child Marriage,


Always have a dialogue with your family before taking such decisions